Learn proper reads and progressions to make you a better player on game day.

Meet Christian White

Brand ambassador for Under Armour Football. A current member of the UA All America bowl selection committee. Creator/ HC of Texas Flex 7v7. Coach White trains NFL all the way down to youth athletes.

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Flight Skills Training

1 on 1 Training

Personalized game plan to build the athlete based on specific deficiencies

NFL & College Athlete Training

Fine tuned training for elite level athletes designed to separate them from the highest level of competition

Group Training (2-8)

Small groups maximizes the amount of reps each athlete receives and allows them to still get that personalized 1 on 1 attention


High School All Americans


Division 1 Athletes


Train NFL Athletes

Why Flight Skillz

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Kentrell Brice

Tampa Bay NFL Safety

“One of the best trainers in the nation. I'd recommend any athlete to Flight Skillz"

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